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How Does Strength Gain Work

Have you ever wondered what strength is and how it works? Does it mostly depend on our muscle mass? Well, it can’t be that because the biggest guys aren’t always the strongest. So, there must be something else to it.  The truth is, physical strength is quite the nuanced topic, and there is a lot that goes into it.  Today, we’ll go over everything there is to know about it. What Is Physical Strength? Before we dive deeper into the...

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The Importance of Sleep and Rest

Among the many topics in the health and fitness sphere, those of sleep and rest are the less exciting ones. Indeed, we often look for what sounds exciting: a new and promising supplement, a diet, a training program that promises the world, or something similar. But when someone suggests that we place more attention on our sleep and rest habits, we discard the advice and look for another, more exciting solution. But, the truth is, sleep and recovery are integral...

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How to Increase Your Testosterone Naturally

We’ve all seen them. Testosterone-boosting supplements that promise incredible muscle growth, energy levels that are through the roof, confidence, leanness, and a million dollars in the bank. Such products sell incredibly well, especially to young guys, because we’ve always associated testosterone with manliness, health, and a fantastic physique. Sadly, most testosterone boosters don’t do much for us. The good news is, we can raise our testosterone naturally. But first: What Is Testosterone? Testosterone is the primary sex hormone in men,...

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How Does Muscle Gain Work

We’ve all heard of, seen, and experienced muscle growth. It’s an integral part of being human and plays a vital role in our development from an early age to adulthood.  Today, we’ll dive into the processes behind muscle growth, and how we can go about stimulating it.  So, if you’ve ever wondered, “Hm, I wonder what makes our muscles growth.” then read on.  Let’s dive in.  Muscle Anatomy  Before we dive into the types of hypertrophy, we first need to...

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