Squat Sit to Reach

Exercise for hip, thigh, chest, upper back muscles and core muscles

Squat Sit to Reach Illustration

Exercise execution guide

Starting position

Stand up straight with feet about shoulder-width apart.


Lower yourself down just like a squat by driving your hips backwards. Lower yourself all the way down into a deep, sitting squat position. While sitting in the bottom position, take one arm and seat the elbow into the same side knee. Place that hand on the ground outside of the foot. With your opposite arm, reach up and back towards the sky twisting your upper body. Bring your arm back down and repeat with the opposite side. When finished, push up through your feet to return back to standing position. Avoid letting your knees cave in.

Main muscles

This exercise is not a strengthening movement, but one that can be utilized for stretching and warming up at the beginning of your workout. These are the main muscles you’ll be stretching: Hip, Thigh, Chest Muscles

Secondary muscles

Core Muscles, Upper Back Muscles