Barbell Hip Thrust

Exercise for thigh, glutes and core muscles

Barbell Hip Thrust Illustration

Exercise execution guide

Starting position

With the barbell close and parallel to the bench, sit down on the floor with your upper back against the bench. Roll the bar over your legs so that the bar now rests over your hip crease. Bring your feet up closer and place them flat on the floor about shoulder-width apart.


Driving through your whole foot, raise your hips slightly above the ground while gripping the bar at the sides. Keep your chin tucked throughout the movement. Squeeze your glutes to thrust your hips and the bar up until you’re parallel to the ground in a tabletop position. Pause and lower your hips back towards the ground, keeping the movement controlled. Keep your chest in line with your hips. Stop above the ground and repeat.

Equipment Required

Barbell, Bench, Squat Pad or Towel if needed for padding

Main muscles

Thigh and Glute Muscles

Secondary muscles

Core Muscles